Cappacino Cowhide

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These are not just any old cowhide. They are top quality and have a great texture. This is not an accident as we only select top quality hides.

The hair is silky & shiny and the colour is without stains.

The cowhides smell of leather and are soft to handle. Watch out for smelly, stiff hides that are thin as well. They simply do not last.

Due to their slightly triangular shape (narrower at the top and broader at the base), cowhides are difficult to define exactly in size.

Sizes  vary  from  1.8 to  2m

Each piece varies in size and colour and we handpick and inspect each hide before dispatch.

You can run them parallel to a sofa or vertical, or just use them as a feature piece. 

The cowhides are easy to clean with a damp cloth, but do not wet the hide, as it is a natural product that will give you years of good use.

Each hide has been hand selected and you will receive the exact item you see natural products.