Cowhide Rugs Cleaning supplies hides that are hardwearing in most situations The better you look after any product the longer it will last. The same applies to cowhide rugs. 

Cowhides are very durable and will last a long time. In general, it requires minimal cleaning. There are cases wherein the cow skin rugs might have received special treatment from the supplier. By and large, you can clean this type of floor rug through vacuuming. Some homeowners simply shake out the cow hides to remove the dust.

The rug should be kept dry as much as possible. If stains or dirt penetrate the cowhide, it is sometimes necessary use a damp cloth but avoid getting the rug too wet. Always follow the direction of hair growth while removing the stain. Also, make it a point to rotate cow hides rug as well to let it wear evenly. 

As a natural and durable material, cleaning these types of floor rugs is easy. The most important thing to remember is to avoid soaking or submitting the cow hides to any machine cleaning process. 


  1. Maintain your rug regularly. Just shake it out and vacuum to keep it dust and particle free
  2. Rotate your rug to make sure you balance the wear on the surface
  3. Cowhides do not like damp or wet, if the hide does get wet, on a sunny day place it in the sun underside facing up to air. Never soak your cowhide in water or put it in a washing machine.
  4. To keep the hair soft, brush with a plastic brush as this straightens the hairs and redistributes the oils, leaving the skins soft and glossy.
  5. If you do spill anything on your cowhide, soak up the liquid with a sponge or paper towel. The next thing is to remove any solid matter with the blunt edge of a knife by gently scraping in the direction the hair runs. Use a mild soapy solution and rub the hair until the residue is removed. The final step is to mix one percent white vinegar and ninety nine percent water together and wipe with a cloth (This balances the PH levels).
  6. Fat, grease, lipstick, chewing gum are best removed as follows: scrape off the solids using the blunt side of a knife and the use Eucalyptus oil to remove the residue. Then use a cloth with a mild soapy solution, rubbing the affected area.

Whilst these methods will solve most stains cannot guarantee removal.

NB White spirits can be used instead of Eucalyptus Oil – no need to use soap & water after using white spirits.