Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs are up to date with the trends in colour and texture. They add another dimension to your home. Imagine a room with no colour or texture variation. It would look pretty dull and boring. Now add some wall treatments and a contemporary rug to the floor and the place becomes alive and begins to feel like a home. It reflects your taste and personality and makes it a pleasure to come home.

Floor rugs have come a long way from the traditional handloomed pieces that your grandparents may have favoured. We now have synthetics with all sorts of textures and pile depth and more recently we have seen the comeback of the cowhide in its natural form as well as in patchwork and now it is even possible to find laser printed cowhide with sophisticated designs.

We favour cowhide because it is a natural product and fits into the current furnishing colour sense very well. They have texture and variation of colour, so how more contemporary could you really get.