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CowHide Rugs is an Australian owned and operated business dedicated to supplying the best QUALITY, best VALUE GENUINE Cow Hide Rugs in Australia. We now offer Ugg Boots too.Our fully secure online shop allows you to shop safely 24/7 via Stripe or  Paypal. All Cow Hide Rug purchases are personally packed in Sydney by our staff and shipped FREE of charge anywhere in Australia.

We dont send you poor quality hides that are too thin,are poorly tanned,curl and are substandard.Please be careful when buying as some of  the  cheaper qualities currently being offered as they are simply not worth buying at any price.

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Add something special to your home by using cowhide rugs. These types of floor rugs look stunning on wooden and stone floors. With their durable and incredibly resilient texture, you can also benefit from these cowhide rugs over the long term. 

In addition, since cowhide rugs are a natural product, each one of them has unique characteristics. No one else can have the same type of cowhide rug as you. Here at, we specialise in providing black and white rugs, zebra rugs, and beautiful cowhide rugs and cushions to customers all over Australia. We can guarantee that each of our products will meet your expectations. 

There are many reasons why people buy cowhide rugs. Some prefer this type of floor rug over synthetic because its properties mean that you will get longer wear. Other individuals choose cowhide rugs because they are very versatile. A cowhide rug can be a feature piece in on your floor, a decorative addition to your wall, or something to keep in your room.