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Cowhide Rugs

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Cowhides In Your Home

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We  have  supplied  thousands  of  cowhides  to  many  happy  customers  all  over  Australia  since  starting  this  business.The  styles  being  purchased  have  changed in  that  time  and  we know  the  product  ends  up  in  almost  every  room  of  the  home   from  lounges,dining  rooms & nurseries.

Colour  choice  has  moved  towards  the  lighter  colour  hides  and  grey  has  become a  constant  favourite.

Black &  White  &  Brown  &  White  are  still  strong as  they are  classics.We have  seen  many variations  on  the  patchwork  come  into  the  market  and  the  degree  of  design  in  the  rugs  has  improved.If   you  are  selecting  a  rug  for  your  home,size  is  the  first  consideration  and  then  of  course  colour.The  old  trick  of  using a  newspaper  as  a  cutout  to  give  you  an  idea  of  size  still  works  well  and  you  can  see  the  actual  space  the  hide  will  occupy.Colour  is  detremined  by  lighting  and  of  course  what  is  in  the  room  already.If   you  are  adventurous  we  have  the  Salt&  pepper  styles amd  if  you  want  to  be  more  subdued  there  are  the  plain  colours  like  Mocha  and  Light  grey  that  tone  in  with  many  different  styles of  home.Whatever  you  select  will  last  you  for  years  and  we  hope  we  can  supply  your  needs.

  • Cowhides in your Home.Advice on colour & sizing as well as trends.

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Ottomans in Cowhide

We started out with an ottoman in Brindle and that really came out well .Tonight (being late night shopping in Sydney) we put together a Black and White ottoman.The large hide draped over the shape looked sensational and I have no doubt our customer will phone us in the morning ,after doing some visualizing at [...]

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Trends in Cowhides

What  is  happening  in  cowhide  trends?Well  we  have  noticed a shift  towards  the  lighter  hides away  from  the  darker  colours.Before  we  used  to  sell  Brindle  regularly  and  now  it  appears  that the  lighter hides are  more  popular;Beiges,Light  Greys and  Salt&  Pepperpredominate.It  probably  has  a lot  to  do  with  the  arrival  of  white  kitchens  a  few [...]

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Caring for Cowhides

We often get asked how long a cowhide will last for. It all depends on the traffic area it is placed in and how you care for your product. Some customers have told us about hides that have lasted for over ten years and are still as new. The trick is to clean the dust that accumulates [...]

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We started out selling cowhides just on ten years ago before they really came back into fashion.Our major business was always timber furniture and we needed some way to soften the look of the store which was various shades of brown timber tables and pieces. What better way then a cowhide rug? We had tried real wool [...]

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